Hangzhou, China


Cixi, an upcoming coastal city in the centre of the golden economic city triangle made up of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo in the Yangtze River delta of China, encompasses an area of 250 sq km. Developed in phases, with completion slated for 2014, this modern city will provide an unrivalled urban lifestyle for around one and a half million new residents.

Hangzhou Wan Bay, Cixi, China

With the Hangzhou Wan Bay bridge completing in 2008, the economic transportation network between Hangzhou Wan Bay New Zone and the three cities will also be enhanced significantly, thus increasing the economic symbiosis of the region. To create a diversified economy, the existing industrial base will be tranformed to include new innovative industries such as life sciences, IT, R&D and educational sectors, providing the necessary stimulus to ensure the long term economic success for Cixi.

Other features of this new city include residential developments on 320 hectares, recreational facilities on 200 hectares and a variety of commercial developments on 340 hectares of land. To ensure a quality living environment, a customised open spatial system, constituting 25% of the entire New Zone development has been set aside.

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