Urban renewal inevitably involves human issues. SARACORP places a high priority on balancing the interests and needs of all segments of the urban community affected by the process of urban renewal.Working with the local government, the views of people are sought through different means such as direct communication with residents, professional bodies, academics, NGOs, Councillors, property, businesses, and stakeholder representatives.

SARACORP is committed to working with local authorities and the District Advisory Committees, comprising members from different walks of life, are established to reflect the views and aspirations of the local community and provide advice on urban renewal concerns. SARACORP also conducts social impact assessments to identify those people affected by redevelopment projects and carry out mitigation measures to help manage the process of change in the least disruptive manner.

Hangzhou Wan Bay Masterplan, Cixi, China

More cities are recognising the increasing importance of urban design in growing centres, ensuring the downtown core remains vibrant and help it become a more livable space, from beautifying the physical elements of the downtown core, improving the services to the city or town centre and to nurturing and supporting public celebrations and cultural activity. (Read More on Hangzhou Wan Bay Masterplan…)

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