Vision & Mission

SARACORP’s vision, skills and financial resources combine to help release the latent value of development sites, transforming their image and potential. SARACORP’s in-house resources and partnering capabilities enables the company to offer the complete development solution.

SARACORP’s mission is being at the forefront and continual involvement in a diverse range of urban initiatives in both Peninsular and East Malaysia, employing the highest quality personnel with renewal initiatives that champions and promotes their multiple skills via a cross fertilisation of specialities, resulting in the creation and revitalisation of communities with environmentally and economically sustainable solutions.

Professional staff including development, project management and financial specialists working together throughout the process from inception to delivery and beyond. Development partnerships are key to SARACORP’s success having experience in developing suitable partnerships, focusing varied skills, toward a shared end result, such as the mega land reclamation and urban renewal projects at Sandakan Harbour Square, Sadankan, Malaysia and Sarawak Stadium, Kuching, Malaysia.

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